Friday, June 7, 2013

Description of my Father.

Description of my father.
My Father,
I know this is hard but I’am going to describe you even though I don’t  see you everyday but here it goes.

My Father is a great man and also a great dad, my dad is special  to me and to our family, he is the third oldest out of six children.

My Dad has short black hair and is tall, he has light brown eyes, he has one sister and four brothers (plus him) makes six.

My dad loves to go out in the open sea to fish to earn money. The money he earns, he use's it to pay his children’s school fees. The rest of the money, he use's it for other stuff the family needs.

To Me it’s hard to explain because my dad is in another country. Even though I am far away from my dad, I will still keep in my heart, how he treated me.

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