Thursday, August 11, 2011

Desiree Holiday.

On the last day of school I went over to my cousins house their names are Lota, Olioni and Sisi. Me and my cousin Lota we played cooking then we went to Lota’s room. Lota’s Mum told us that we are all going to my house. When we all got there me and Lota played games, then we ate some food. Me and Lota and her sister Olioni. Olioni and Lota’s Mum said lets go to the shopping center. We all bought some lollies and some chips and two drinks. We went home. After my Nana came to pick me up so I went home. The next day me and my sister and brother and our Mum went to the park. We all ate chicken with chips. We all went home with full tummies and watched T.V. Later we all played family games we had dinner and fizzy drinks then we all went to sleep for mass on Sunday at 10am. After mass my cousin Lota and I went to my practice for Holy Communion. I had forgotten that it was my Dad’s birthday he was turning 40 years old. I called him and said happy birthday Dad he thank you and he started to cry. I started to cry to I told him it was alright and he said I love you baby. I said I love you to Dad, I love you so much, more than anything else. I said bye and he said bye I hung up the phone and I went to sleep good night Dad.

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