Friday, August 17, 2012

My Super Hero.

My Super Hero!!!

My First inspiration is God. The almighty cross represents Him. My second inspiration is my Nana. The dress represents my Nana because she designs her very own dresses and my nana makes me one only on special days. My Grandpa is my last inspiration and the background colours represent him  because he loves his country.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shot put.

Olympic Event

The shot put is a track and field event, it includes a person throwing a 5kg metal ball. Whoever throws the ball the furthest wins the event. The metal ball is thrown by holding the ball near the neck. You then bend your legs, while  you come back up you then push the ball as hard as can aiming towards the field.

My hoildays

My Holiday!!
It was the last day of school and the beginning of the school holidays.In the morning room five, six and seven went to mass at 9:45 am. Mass was nice and everyone in the church was praying. After mass room five, six and seven went back to their class.  Everyone started on their learning.


When morning tea started everyone in class stopped working and went out. After that Mrs Moodly said that  my nana is here and said that I had to go home.

Me: “Nana I don’t want to go home it’s the last day of school please nana can I stay here at school until school finishes please”.

Nana: “Ok but Kava your papa is coming to pick you up ok and you have to come,ok nana”.

Ring  ring ring the school bell goes,aww I didn’t even get to go and play. “S.S.R everyone” my teacher says. After reading our books we went on the mat to do more learning. I lost track of time and saw that it was almost lunch time, the class was still learning. The children were not wearing their uniforms. Ring ring ring the bell rings again, it’s lunch time “you got to be lying to me, time is so fast”. During lunch time my papa came to pick me up. When I got in the car I find out we’re not going home, but instead we were going to his friends house. We then drove to Mt Wellington to see my papa’s friend and on our way back we visited my cousin Juliette.

Holiday Starts

On Saturday My cousin Juliette and her Mum came to my house to pick me up to go for a holiday. At her house we played a lot of games. My favourite game was “Call of Duty Black Ops” on PS3. I liked this game because it was a multiplayer game and It was fun killing the Zombies. We also played “Dead or Alive” this was a fighting game. My favourite character was Xena. She was my favourite because  I could beat all my cousins with her. When the holidays were almost over, my nana came to pick me up. I didn't want to go home yet, so i asked her nicely if I could stay a few more days with my cousins. After my nana left we stopped playing video games and played volleyball outside.    

Friday, June 15, 2012

We are learning about how education has changed from the past to education in nowadays. We had to choose key questions about wand here is a glimpse of what we found out. I hope you enjoy.