Monday, August 19, 2013

Cross Country - Report Writing.

Information Report Writing - St Pius Cross Country.
The statement.

The St Pius Cross Country is a sport event that you have to run long distance two times or three times.

Cross Country is a sport event that people do Cross Country in the world do it for student’s at school once a month every year.

St Pius students and teachers gathered  in the tennis courts the students got  into their group ages. When the whole school got there they started the race with the juniors then the seniors last.

Then after the Juniors finished it was time for the Seniors turn, they Jogged down the hill till all we could see was their shadows in the faraway distance. We finally come running up the hill to the finish line telling the teacher what they came as. Some of the children were cheering because either they came first, second or third.

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  1. Desiree I felt like you must had a lot fun on that day because I can tell by your writing and by reading the bunch of great writing.


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