Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Sacrifice

Today We St Pius X School celebrated the Passion and the Death and Resurrection of  Jesus Christ. I really enjoy acting Mary and also being in the three women because it was simple. I was sure that I was going to cry when Jesus died on the cross  but something came to me that made me not cry, but I’m sure that somewhere  inside me felt terrible I really love acting Mary it was fun and also sad.

When the play started Latanoa sang a lovely song about how Jesus was a live from the start until the end of his life.Jesus died for us because to save our sins.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


The Fun Day!!
Friday 15th of March
It was raining and my family were planning to go out on a family trip but things didn’t go out well.

So on the next day, that was saturday my uncle Sinisa told his kids three of them to get things ready, cause we’re going out of town.

We were on our way it started raining so my little cousin Malia in Room 1 started to sing this song called rain rain go away, and it really worked, we were on our way Sa put on this song that we all knew it was really funny but  my little cousins were like singing like crazy trust me it was nosey don’t want to be in there again.

Still in the car I  fall asleep for like an hour I think, we the family went past the city and all the way to somewhere  I forgot what was the place called, I think it was Whitford Valley.

Almost there guys as uncle Sa said, we were nearly there and I can’t wait  to  jump with joy when we get there.

I sing and hoped  until Sa said to stop it and come help him to get the kids out and the food too, my little cousin Ampeliasi that I just call him my little brother  ran with joy down the hill to the beach and into the sand, GET HERE!! I yelled out, soon later Sa my uncle yelled out I was terrified of him because of his voice really scary, don’t tell him if you know him?

Over at Whiteford Valley, it had a big field and a beach we the kids went down there for a swim it was fun and cold I looked at the children and they splashed into the water, later on the grown ups made a nice cooked food for the little ones,on that day it was going to be night my uncle said to me to get the fishing loed, "ok where is it uncle",its in the car where else would it be,sorry then,when i went to get the fishing loed I saw a bird that i saw at piha where Mrs Tui and I saw the other day at comping, it was pretty with green and red and blue or black i don't know but it was pretty big not really, anyways back to green and red and blue that was the birds color it was nice i'm sure it is.

Come on Desiree does it take you like a hour to get the fishing loed here?

After the  family eat their food we all went down the beach for a fun game,and after the fun game we all went home it was a long way back home.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Religlous Education

Amazing loving God thank you for leading me to this catholic school of Faith, Hope,and Love.