Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Atheltics Day

On Friday it was athletics day I was so excited that the whole school were going be having races.Everyone at school was so happy. All the children had fun running. The name of the school teams are called Tuis, Geckos, Kiwis and Keas, all of the school and the teachers were there. Parents and kids were there... why? So when we ran they cheered for us. All of the school were in a team, when we all ran we had to do our chant encourage our runners. After athletics it was not a good day, it was a cold day. I didn’t like the day because it was a little bit rainy and I don’t like rainy days because when it got rainy it’s quite cold. At the end of athletics Room 1 and up all went to class and all of the class did there school prayer. Then the whole school went home.